Artist/gallery owner Ruth Conklin showcases her work alongside art and handcrafted pieces by more than a hundred American artisans.

Nestled in the Sleeping Bear village of glorious Glen Arbor, the Ruth Conklin Gallery has been bridging the gap between the natural beauty of the shores of Lake Michigan and the sophisticated, artistic interpretation of the area for more than 25 years.

The Ruth Conklin Gallery Showcases the works of talented Michigan and nationally known artists such as Matt & Lisa Claflin, Leonard Fieber, Louise Hopson, Kristen Jongen, Matt Joppich, Krys Lieffers, Al Rollings, Leif Spörck, Dianne Wakefield, Hanni Yothers, Tom Edwards, Golden, Colorado, Sarah Grant of Des Moines, Iowa, Amy Hardacre of Ohio, Renee Hickman from Portland, Oregon, Prentice Hicks in Chattanooga, Tennessee, Jennifer Nielsen of Maine, and Daphna Simon of New York.

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About Sticks...
Sticks was started by Sarah Grant in 1992. Since then, Sticks has received national acclaim for their distinctive line of furniture, accessories and object art. The company began by designing smaller items such as ornaments and candlesticks, and has evolved to feature larger items such as dining sets, beds and armoires. Each piece is handcrafted within Sticks' award winning studio in Des Moines, Iowa.

The Ruth Conklin Gallery offers the Midwest’s largest selection of Sticks® furniture, accessories & object art designs. Finely crafted from birch, poplar and driftwood, the pieces are further designed with hand drawn imagery, etched contouring and vibrantly blended paint. Pieces can be embellished with 3-D wood components, metal, leather and fabric.

The entire Sticks line is constantly evolving due to the imagination of their design team and the many talented craft artisans that they employ. Every piece they produce can be personalized to feature themes, imagery or colors that reflect your own unique vision and style. Visit to shop the largest collection of Sticks pieces available online, or create your own one of a kind heirloom on our exclusive DIY (design it yourself) studio page.

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Ruth Conklin Gallery
6632 W Western Ave | POB 343 | Glen Arbor, MI 49636
phone: 231-334-3880 | text: 231-835-0765
Off season hours vary, call the gallery phone 231-334-3880 for a message on current hours.

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